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xGen Product - Lipo Battery Tray For xGen RX4 Evo, made in Carbon Fiber RRP-001XG.


Compatibility: This lipo tray is compatible with xGen RX4 Evo, RRP RX4, Stock Yokomo MX4, and many other models. Desiged for lipo shorty pack fitment. Please note: Additional hole drilling may be required to fit with specific models.

Includes: 2 x 16mm standoff posts, 2 x 19mm standoff posts, 2 x flat washers, carbon tray, and carbon strap. Both with RRP engraved logo.

Fine Materials: This lipo tray is made of durable and high quality carbon fiber material. Engraved with the RRP logo.

Design: Design allows for forward battery placement on the chassis for better weight distribution.

Simple installation: Simple to assemble and install; a great accessory for Yokomo MX4 fans.

Lipo Battery Tray For xGen RX4 Evo in Carbon Fiber RRP-001XG

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